Bethesda Medical Clinic Infusion Center is fully equipped, comfortable, safe, and relaxing environment which focuses on individualized care with a holistic approach to maximize exceptional outcomes. It is staffed by a knowledgeable chemotherapy certified infusion registered nurse along with a well-trained auxiliary staff. This infusion center is supervised by our physicians on site during business hours. We offer the following services to our clients: .


Many types of chemo are given as an infusion or injection. With chemo infusions, chemotherapy drugs are put into your body through a catheter that is placed into a vein, artery, body cavity, or body part. In some cases, a chemo drug may be injected quickly with a syringe

There are also other drugs that are used to treat cancer in different ways, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Supportive care: Include medications given before and after chemotherapy to treat nausea, vomiting and other unwanted side effects of chemotherapy.


Hydration: given for dehydration and during chemotherapy

Holistic Infusion treatment include Vitamin Infusion Multivitamin and Vitamin B12.

Osteoporosis Treatment include infusion of Re-clast